Terms of Service
last updated: 11. Apr. 2020
  1. Welcome on Vimmbox
    Thank you for using our Services. This Service is provided to you by Huguenin Group KlG (“we”, “us” or “our”). By using Vimmbox you agree to comply to these terms of use. Please read this carefully.
  2. Usage of Vimmbox
    By using Vimmbox you are obliged to comply to all our terms. Do not miss use this website. It is prohibited to use Vimmbox in any way other than the way intended via the user interfaces provided. You may use this website only in the boundaries of the law. Do not use any content (all media, texts, images, videos, sounds) on Vimmbox commercially, unless you have an expressly consent of the copyright holder. Vimmbox is not responsible for the content. The responsibility belongs to the person, who uploaded the content. Vimmbox checks if the uploaded content is compliant with the terms. Vimmbox is permitted to remove any content, which is not compliant with our conditions or applicable law, without substitute. Vimmbox may send you service-announcements, administrative messages and information. You may not use Vimmbox in any situation, in which it distracts you or keeps you from complying to safety regulations of external activities (driving, building). Vimmbox is not liable for any damages caused by its users.The user is obliged to check all terms of use, conditions and privacy policies for changes. All users must be discerning. Minors must have the consent of the or their legal guardian or guardians.
  3. Payment Terms
    1. Introduction
      60% of Vimmbox's ads revenue goes to the artists who fill the platform with incredible content. Payments are subject to the following conditions:
    2. Refund
      Closed payments can not be refunded.
    3. PayPal
      Payments can only be made via PayPal. Due to the high security standards of PayPal, PayPal is ideally suited for the system and offers an easy handling.
  4. Upload Terms
    1. Introduction
      Artists can upload their media on Vimmbox and make it accessible to a large audience. In order to guarantee the quality and security of the website, the following conditions apply to uploading media. The terms have been automatically accepted by the user at the moment of upload:
    2. Copyright
      The media must respect copyright. All media are either original or sharing the media is clearly agreed by the author.
    3. Laws
      The media may not violate laws of the United States of America (USA), Switzerland (CH), European Union (EU), etc. In addition, media must not be promoting violence, pornographic, stolen, promoting illegal institutions, violent, abusive, racist or political.
    4. Correctness
      The media may comment on (4.3) Opinions. However, no false information may be distributed.
    5. Conclusion
      In the event of non-compliance with the above conditions, Vimmbox reserves the right to take the following actions: (1) remove the content from the site and block the Vimmbox Rewards completely relate to the Distributor\'s account indefinitely. (2) Block the account of the distributor. (3) Disclosure of information to the authorities as part of a legal prosecution initiated by the author. (4) Inform the author. (5) Request a penalty payment to compensate for the extra service. Vimmbox shall assume no liability for contents uploaded or written by the user. The user bears the full resposability for all content uploaded or written by him and is in case of a violation of these conditions liable.
  5. Vimmbox-Reward
    1. Introduction
      Artists can present their best works on Vimmbox to the world. To compensate the artists for their incredible work, Vimmbox has introduced the Vimmbox-Reward system. With the Vimmbox-Reward the artists earns 60% of the ads revenue, generated by his media of Vimmbox. This is unique! For the Vimmbox-Reward system to work, the following terms have to be followed:
    2. Minimum Payout
      The minimum payout is $ 50. If the generated income falls below this limit, the monthly Vimmbox-Reward will be held back until it reaches $ 50. Then the payout is approved.
    3. PayPal Account
      In order for the artist to receive his / her Vimmbox Reward, he/she must have a PayPal account. Due to the high security standards of PayPal, PayPal is ideally suited for the system and offers an easy handling.
    4. Withholding Vimmbox-Rewards
      If any condition is disregarded, Vimmbox reserves the right to withhold the Vimmbox-Rewards.
    5. Correct Informations
      In order for the Vimmbox Reward to be paid, the artist must provide a PayPal account. If the PayPal account has been entered incorrectly, please note that Vimmbox can not pay the Vimmbox-Reward.
    6. Payouts can not be delayed
      Vimmbox Rewards pay outs can not be redeemed later (Except 5.2).
    7. Agreement
      If the artist receives Vimmbox Rewards, he/she has automatically agreed to these terms
    8. Conclusion
      This system allows creative people to create great things while receiving an income. This guarantees users always the best media.
  6. Report Terms
    1. Introduction
      Vimmbox handles reports with great care. It is our pleasure to offer our customers only the best. Therefore you have the opportunity to report content which offence the terms of Vimmbox or you deem inappropriate. We will review these reports as fast as possible and we will take the appropriate actions. In order to prevent misuse, the following conditions apply:
    2. No Gain
      Content must not be reported for a financial or strategic gain.
    3. Responibility
      The reports are binding. That the declarant is responsible for a legitimate report. If the Vimmbox message changes as follows, the following actions can be taken: (1) Cancel the message. (2) In case of repeated conditions Vimmbox may block the user account.
    4. Conclusion
      We urge our users to report content as fast as possible, if its racist, violent, illegal, stolen, etc. We have zero tolerance for such kind of content.
  7. Direct-Message
    1. Use of Direct-Message
      Direct-Message allows users of Vimmbox to contact each other. The tone must always be kept respectful and honest. No prohibited actions should be taken with Direct-Message. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to: sending spam, sending advertisements, sending inappropriate messages, making attacks on users' data and privacy, stealing services, and damaging Vimmbox and its affiliates. Vimmbox is in no way responsible for the misconduct of its users and is not liable for any damage. The measures that can be taken in the event of user misconduct include, but are not limited to, user reporting, user blocking, and user exclusion. The abuse of the protective measures provided by Vimmbox is punishable and may result in an exclusion from Vimmbox.
  8. Item Shop
    1. Use of the Item Shop
      Users can buy accessories for their profile via the Item Shop. The usage of the item shops is only permitted for users who are legally mature. Vimmbox relies on the information provided by users and assumes no liability. Purchases made via the Item Shop can not be refunded.
  9. Balance
    1. Introduction
      So that the users are able to make purchases in the item shop, they have a balance at their disposal. The calculation of the balance includes all Vimmbox rewards, paid out rewards, premium payments and all other transactions. The balance is not subject to automatic reward payouts.
    2. Balance top ups
      Payments to the Balance can not be refunded. All payments are processed via PayPal and Stripe. Vimmbox does not store credit card information.
  10. Vimmbox Store
    1. General
      By using Vimmbox-Store, the user confirms that he/she has understood all the conditions and accepts them. Every user who uses the services of Vimmbox-Store must comply with these provisions and is obliged to regularly inform themselves about changes. Vimmbox-Store may only be used for the intended purpose (the purchase of goods, viewing the purchase documents, viewing the sales status, fair evaluation of the products). No attempts may be made to obtain products and services fraudluently. Vimmbox-Store tries to provide the information of the products as truthfully as possible. However, deviations cannot be excluded. Therefore, all information is without guarantee. The buyers and users of Vimmbox-Store must adhere to the information on age ratings. Vimmbox cannot control whether the buyer has the minimum age for the respective products. Vimmbox-Store tries to ensure that transactions are dealt with as fairly and smoothly as possible, which is why every user is obliged to provide truthfully all the necessary information. Vimmbox's privacy policy and privacy policy apply. In case of problems and disagreements in connection with Vimmbox-Store, the respective user must inform Vimmbox-Store immediately and thoroughly.
    2. Buyer account
      If the customer has a buyer's account (shown in the settings), his data is not released for the other Vimmbox applications. If the user wants to release this data, he/she can do it in his/her settings.
    3. Purchase of products
      The transfer of the amount of money is subject to the regulations of the respective payment services. No attempt should be made to obtain goods and services in ways that are not intended. If products are not in stock, Vimmbox-Store reserves the right to process the order only after receipt of the product (indefinitely). Products that are not in stock are clearly marked by Vimmbox-Store. If not specified, the product is available. The user must find out about the availability.
    4. Reviews
      If the user writes a review, he/she is obliged to do it honestly and truthfully. The user may in no way receive payment from third parties. No reviews may be written with the intent to harm Vimmbox-Store, property of Huguenin-Elie Group, its partners and their properties. Every review is automatically owned by Vimmbox-Store. Vimmbox-Store reserves the right to remove reviews that violate these provisions. Vimmbox-Store reserves the right to rate products and write reviews.
    5. Defects
      The customer must check the goods immediately upon receipt, within ten days, and notify Vimmbox of any defects. The customer must keep the delivery note. If this is not the case, the goods are deemed to have been accepted by the customer.
    6. Cancellation and Refund
    7. Shipping
  11. Details
    This website is owned and operated by Huguenin Group KlG, CHE-(466.991.442). We are registered and governed by the laws of Switzerland. You can contact us:

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