metallurgy heat treatment in metals by sdlinc 9600162099

metallurgy heat treatment in metals by sdlinc 9600162099


Published on Apr 04, 2019
3C Coconut to Car park
3D Printing in metals
5S Workplace Improvement
Additive manufacturing
APQP Advanced Quality planning
Industrial Augmentation Reality
Brain Storming for problem solution
CAPA Corrective preventive action
Charter plan in PDCA Cycle
Client Specific audit Requirement
CMM Coordinate Measurement
Control chart in Process health check
Control plan for process Control
Customer Specific Training
DFMEA Design Failure mode
Dimensional Inspection
DMAIC Define Measure phase
DOE Design of Experiment
Drawing reading symbol interpret
Energy audit for cost savings
Error proofing for FMEA
Firefighting awareness
First party audit Requirement
FIVE WHY Analysis
FMEA Failure mode effect analysis
GD and T Geometrical tolerance
Global 8 D with embedded pokayoke
ISO IATF CQI Quality Improvement
ISO EMS Environment Management
ISO HSE Health Safety Environment
ISO IMS Integrated Management
ISO QMS Quality Management

JIT Just in Time Process
KAIZEN Small Improvement
Kanban Single piece flow process
Layer process product audit method
Layout Change management
Lean based Management
Manual Quality Testing
Measurement System
Methods Engineering
Minitab Entry and Result Output
MRM Management review Lead
MS Office for core team members
MSA Measurement system analysis
NDT AET Acoustic Emission Testing
NDT ET Eddy current Testing
NDT MPT Magnetic Testing
NDT PT Penetrant Testing
NDT RT Radiographic Testing
NDT TOFT Time of Flight Testing
NDT UT Ultrasonic Testing
NDT VT Visual Testing
OEE Original Equipment Efficiency
On spot information data system
Operator my machine skill Assembly
Operator my machine skill CNC MC
Operator my machine skill Despatch
Operator my machine skill forklift
Operator my machine skill Forming
Operator my machine skill Machining
Operator my machine skill Packing
Operator my machine skill Painting
Operator my machine skill Press shop
Operator my machine skill Welding

PDCA Plan do check act Culture
Pneumatics Hydraulics awareness
PPAP Production part approval
Presentation in Meeting PPT
Process Audit for OEE Benefits
Process flow diagram
Product Audit for good Quality
Productivity Improvement
Product Inspection and Measurement
Qc Circle PPT for Competition Presentation Skill for MRM
Quality Process Improvements
Quality Story and Quality Circle
R and R Repeatability Reproducibility
Road Map for Project Implementation
Road map and Schedule plan
SAP QM Quality Management
Second party audit Requirement
Sherography in NDT
Six sigma Black belt
Six sigma Green belt
Six Sigma Project Management
Six sigma Yellow belt
SMED Single minute Change of dies
SPC Statistical process control
SWOT Strength Weakness Analysis
TPA, Third party audit Requirement
TPM QM Pillar Quality Maintenance
TPM Total Productive Maintenance
VSM Value Stream Mapping
VAVE Value Analysis Engineering
Virtual Reality in Industries

Active Listening
Project Management awareness
Anger Management
Balanced Scorecard Basics
Basic Business Management
Basic Internet Marketing
Body Language as Sales Tool
Budgets and Managing Money
Building a Brand on Social Media
Building a Consulting Business
Building an Online Business
Building Better Teams
Build Relationships for Sales Success
Building Self Esteem & Assertiveness
Building an Online Business
Bullying in the Workplace
Business Etiquette
Business Inventory Management
Business Leadership
Business Process Management
Business Succession Planning
Business Writing
Change and How to Deal with It
Coaching and Mentoring
Communication Strategies
Communications for Business Owners
Conference and Event Management
Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio
Creating Google Ad Words Campaign
Creating a Top Notch
Talent Management
Creating, Managing Corporate Brand
Creative Thinking and Innovation

Crisis Management
Critical Thinking
CRM Introduction
Customer Service
Delegation Effectiveness
Developing Training Program
Working with People with Disabilities
Dynamite Sales Presentations
Ecommerce management
Effective Planning and Scheduling
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Accountability
Employee Dispute Resolution
Facilitation Skills
Generation Gap in Workplace Closing
Goal Setting
Hiring for Success Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
HR for the Non HR Manager
Influence and Persuasion
Intermediate Project Management
NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
Leadership Skills for Supervisors
Meeting Management Art
Motivating Your Workforce
Negotiating for Results
Networking for Success
NLP Tools for Real Life
Onboarding Essential Rules
Orientation Employees to Good Start
Overcoming Objections Nail the Sale

Performance Management
Personal Brand Maximizing Impact
Problem Solving, Decision Making
Project Management Fundamentals
Prospecting for Leads like a Pro
Public Relations Boot Camp
Public Speaking Presentation Survival
Public Speaking Under Pressure
Research Skills
Risk Management
Safety in the Workplace
Selling Smarter
Skills for the Administrative Assistant
Strategic Planning
Stress Management
Survival Skills for the New Trainer
The ABC’s of Supervising Others
The Minute Taker’s Workshop
The Practical Trainer
Time Management for Performance
Use Activities, Make Training Fun
Working Smarter Using Technology
Workplace Ergonomics
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Violence Management
Writing a Business Plan
Writing for the Web
Writing Reports and Proposals
Accounting Skills for new Supervisors
Skills for the Practical Trainer Customer Specific Training Programs

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