Panther chameleon - Furcifer pardalis

Panther chameleon - Furcifer pardalis

By MartinH


Published on Oct 04, 2018
The eyes of the chameleons are very powerful and can be moved independently. They stand out and allow a field of view of 342 degrees.

The tongue of the chameleons can reach one and a half times the length of the body. The tongue is not rolled up in the mouth, but like a rubber band flabby and contracted. By means of the muscles on the hyoid bone, the tongue is strained and can be thrown within a tenth of a second from the mouth to the victim. At the thickened tip of the tongue, a muscle pulls up in a flash like a muscle and creates a conical cavity, which causes an air suction and the prey is sucked. In addition, the tongue is wetted with a secretion, which increases the adhesion of the prey to the tongue.

The feet of the chameleons are excellent for grasping in the branches. Overall, each foot has five toes. However, two and three toes have grown together. The so connected toes face each other like a tongs.
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