Top 15 Most Powerful Anime Characters - Aha!

Jan 17, 2018

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This list judges powers compared from one character to another without a skewed score based on their powers within their respective anime shows. Subject to change. (
1. Kyrie ILLUNIS
Kyrie may look humble, simple, and weak but he makes the dragon kind look like lemmings fighting Superman.


He is one of the most powerful characters ever in anime and may not even have a weakness. His power is above and beyond the scale of most characters in any show and well beyond any in Sands of Destruction. He is eternal and thousands of years old. He can destroy entire worlds and rebuild them as he wishes. He is for all intents and purposes a god.

*Spoiler close*

2. Yuki NAGATO
Her power is off the scale of both the entire anime series and compared to nearly all characters in any anime. She is pretty strong and powerful during the main series both seasons or iterations, but in the movie you see her power is beyond anyone's. This girl sees all matter and energy in the universe as mere data to be manipulated kind of like Neo in the Matrix films but probably way more so since it includes reality itself not just a vr space. She can control energy, matter, space, and time. Not only that but she is virtually if not completely industructable at least as long as she follows the commands of this entity creature but since it never actually appears in the anime I can not include it in the list.

When compared to

*SPOILER* Haruhi, it tops it given what she does and also, the power of Haruhi is never a certainty even during the anime series so she may not actually have any power at all and it could all just be mere coincidence. Compared to Kyrie, she is more like an agent of a god where Kyrie is a god. Yuki has never demonstrated power on nearly the scale Kyrie has.


He is a 4th progenitor vampire lord and one of only 4 of his level of power on the whole planet in the Strike the Blood universe. Under his command are creatures as powerful or more powerful than some on this list. On top of that he has nearly unlimited magical power, plus he is a powerful vampire. Not much could forseeably get in his way if he deemed it an obstacle. Not to mention on top of all that he is nearly unkillable and immortal.

4. Tatsuya SHIBA
He is nearly industructable, a fearsome martial artist/ninja, scary super smart, and magically powerful enough to destroy planets. So think Lex Luthor plus Dr. Strange plus Iron Fist and Atom all rolled into one.

5. Sadao MAOU
He is the Demon King. He is only lower on the list because his full powers are never really shown and because of where he escaped to his powers have been reduced and limited, but it is still possible he can use them in dire need even in the place he fled into.

6. Maka ALBARN
She is a unique powerhouse among all the soul reapers and weapons who has gifts unique to no one ever seen before that I can not reveal without giving too much of the show away. But trust me, even some of the most powerful demons and monsters have no chance against her, especially when she gets mad.

7. Medusa GORGON
Not even death can stop this evil witch and not once or twice but it seems no matter how many times you think she is down for the count she returns stronger than ever. She is so smart, crafty, conniving, and cunning she can trick other witches and even good guys to work towards her ends. It is her unnatural wits and uncanny resolve that some how pushes her over two or three other evil characters from Soul Eaters that ostensibly have more power and are much stronger but she some how manages to outclass, out do, and out wit and in the end she is still alive and on top of things when the others and so called stronger villains fall. She survives.

8. Kazuma YAGAMI
He has been blessed as holder of a god's magical power under a contract and when he goes into his semi god like state, not much can withstand his power. When not in this ultimate state he can still unleash magic so powerful little on the entire planet can face him toe to toe let alone hope to walk away either alive or unscathed should he get serious enough.

9. Meliodas
This guys origins are a mystery but just his regular abilities are substantial. At some point he gets a transformation boost and his power increases but it is still not at his max and he is powerful enough at both stages to make anyone quake. When he has all his cards lined up his power is almost beyond imagination and he may well belong higher on the list even. His only weakness maybe losing control when he gets stirred up so much his mind takes a back seat. His only character flaw is a weird perversion to pester girls in perverted practical joke sort of ways but he is not a total horndog like most partly perverted characters are and his exploits end up as a source of light hearted non offensive humor. This adds to his personalable nature and makes you wanna overlook that slight personality quirk.

10. Gomez
He may well rank higher on the list. Not enough is known about Gomez but what is known is that he can easily trounce the most powerful character in the show, Birdy The Mighty and hardly use any effort at all. To him beating the crap out of a woman as strong as superman takes little more effort than swatting a gnat.

11. Aqua
She may appear human and even more or less currently live in a human like body but she is in fact a very powerful goddess. That usually gives one a certain power level above and beyond most other would be contenders. However, she has crappy luck and is not very bright so she has some serious shortfalls.

12. Wiz
This lovely lady may not look it but she is an undead lich or a cross between a grim reaper, zombie, skeleton, and master wizard. Lichs are tradionally among the most powerful of all undead type monsters, and she stands at the top of all lichs in this world so much so she was drafted into the Demon King's army as one of the few, rare, ultmately powerful generals. She can use powerful magic or suck life energy and mana from others. Cute as she maybe, she is not one to be trifled with.

13. Hei
Well before he came into magical power, he was one of the strongest, most powerful, and most feared opponents of those who abuse their magical power gifts despite being an ordinary human. Imagine how much more powerful gaining magic among the greatest of all magic users makes him? On top of that, he is insanely smart, crafty, and cunning. He can use his powers in ways no one else even thinks about to defeat opponents who should other wise wipe the floor with him if he were any one else or less skillful and intelligent.

14. Bell CRANEL
If you know his true bloodline you would not be surprised a guy like this belongs on the list. Like Gomez, there is too much not known about how strong and powerful he truly is or can or will get, but potentially he could top them all given his heritage. I just can not say it without spoiling a show too good to watch and enjoy yourselves to ruin it for you.

15. Suigintou
She was the strongest among a group of very powerful magical witch dolls and she gained this title despite being severely handicapped and weakened due to a mistake or lapse in her creation. Characters like her that are insanely strong even in less than perfect weakened states only make you gawk at how powerful they truly are or how much greater thay would be if they were in optimum condition.
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Top 10 Strongest Character In Anime

10) LIGHT YAGAMI-Death Note:-
During the first episode of death note. Light Yagami (main character) obtains a notebook which is able to kill anyone whose name is written on the note book. He could also manipulate time as well as occurrence of death. With shinigami eyes he could know the name as well as death span of any human being which makes him a really powerful character.

9) Baki Hanma- Baki The Grappler:-
Baki Hanma is a high school student who likes his athletics to be a little more extreme than the school football team. He is a grappler on the no-holds barred fighting scene, is flying up the ranks. Baki proves himself a force to be reckoned with despite being the youngest one there. As he moves up the ranks, however, the competition gets harder. He then moves on to the real challenge - Shinogi Kosho, The Cord-Cutter, known for ripping out and severing people's nerves and muscle tendons.

8)Natsu Dragneel-Fairytail:-
he is a young boy who have been trained by a dragon called Igneel to use magic. he is a dragon slayer who have strength like a dragon. he needs fire to re energize'

7) Ichigo Kurosaki-Bleach:-
The oranged haired Shinigami has a broad, and sometimes confusing, set of powers that allow him to defeat even the most overpowered villians. His strength and swordsmanship allow him to take down all-powerful deities and reality-bending gods while he gains new powers from each set of enemy he defeats.

6)Naruto Uzumaki-Naruto:-
Naruto can go toe to toe with nearly any other character in anime. His ability to enter Sage Mode and his control over the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox grant him impossible strength and the ability to form massive monsters out of chakra.

Furthermore, his relationship to the other tailed beasts lets him wield every element of chakra and even combine them for greater devastation.

5)Isaac Natero-Hunter X Hunter:-
The former chairman of the Hunter Association, Isaac Netero is one of the strongest martial artists in anime. After subjecting himself to training that was supposed to end him, Netero gained incomprehensible speed and strength.

If those ever fail him, though, he is also able to summon a massive karate god that can destroy nearly anything and stop the most durable foes in their tracks.

4)Mob-MOB psycho 100:-
Kageyama Shigo, or more commonly known as Mob, is an ultra-powerful esper who can destroy anyone or thing with a simple thought. His powers are so intense that he has to shackle his emotions to keep them from running wild.

However, if he feels something too strongly or falls unconscious, his abilities come rushing to the surface and wields powers on par with large-scale natural disasters.

3) Zeno-Dragon Ball Super:-
Zeno is the ruler of every reality in Dragon Ball Super and he can both create and destroy all of existence in a single instance. The child-like god possesses absolute power and can erase anyone and thing on a whim. He doesn’t have any techniques or special moves, he is simply an all-powerful god that commands space and time with youthful abandon.

2)Escanor-Seven Deadly Sins:-Escanor's magical power which allows him to emit fire hotter than the Purgatory flames. The fire flows out of his body and it's stored in his Sacred Treasure which he can use to release them once it's gathered enough power.

Cruel Sun: Escanor creates a ball of energy and throws it at his opponent.
Pride Flare: Escanor uses this to detonate Cruel Sun, resulting in a big explosion that was hot enough to melt an entire lake in a blink of an eye.

1) Saitama-One Punch Man:-
Saitama from One Punch Man is the strongest character in anime. One Punch Man is different from most other combat anime, in that the protagonist is already the strongest person around, rather than striving to reach that goal. After three years of rigorous training, he can withstand any blow and defeat any enemy with a single serious strike.

However, this unbeatable strength leaves Sitama depressed, and the series explores the emptiness that follows achieving a lifelong goal. Saitama is the most powerful character in anime because the entire point the character is that the pursuit of strength or one’s goal is more fulfilling than holding such a position.
1 year ago


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