Top 10 Strongest Villians In Anime

Jan 25, 2019


10)Aizen Sosuke-Bleach:-
We could never forget the original baddie from one of the most popular anime series out there. Many would say that his intellect was his most fearsome trait, but he had a number of insane powers to accompany it.

He was incredibly fast thanks to his Shunpo skills and, had intense spiritual power and was a Kido master. Besides all of that, his Zanpakutō, the Kyoka Suigetsu, was also so crazy in its respective abilities, usually controlling the five senses.

9)Zeref Dragneel-Fairytail:-
As quiet as Zeref always seemed, he truly had some awesome, raw power and abilities -- it was no wonder it took so long to defeat him in the Fairy Tail series.

The best part about him as a villain was that once we were able to see his backstory, we actually felt pity and sadness for him. He utilizes the Black Arts and his magic is so powerful that he cannot consciously control it, which makes fighting him pretty difficult on both ends.

8)Madara Uchiha-Naruto:-
The stuff of legends, literally, Madara Uchiha was the leader of the Uchiha clan in Naruto. Not only has he “died” a couple of times, his chakra and physical powers have been over the moon. He was born with intense chakra that was considered bad in part because it was Indra’s chakra.

This, however, allows him to continue fighting for long periods of time without ever tiring.

Before his final death, he was considered relatively indestructible. This paired with some of his other abilities made him very memorable and perhaps one of the most powerful antagonists from the series.

7)All For One-My Hero Acedemia:-
If you’ve been keeping up with the current anime hits, My Hero Academia should be at the top of your list. Recently, we were shown the mastermind behind the League of Villains and formerly known as one of the most powerful villains in all of Japan.

His power is almost the opposite of All Might’s because as the hero’s quirk is one that has been passed down with gained abilities, All For One’s powers are actually stolen quirks that are made his own, meaning he could take the power of anyone greater than himself.

6)Marshall D.Teach-One Piece:-
The leader of the Blackbeard pirates and also known as Marshall D. Teach, Blackbeard was one of the most feared pirates of the sea. Having a whole history behind him on a sea full of dangerous pirates, there is one thing that makes him stand out from the rest.

He is the only character we’ve seen so far that has two different Devil Fruit powers.

He holds the power of the Dark Dark Fruit, which is considered the evilest of all as it control darkness itself, as well as the Tremor Tremor Fruit that allows the user to create earthquakes.

5)Boros-One Punch Man:-
Now, one might understandably be perplexed as to why Boros has made this list. After all, there's no antagonist in One Punch Man that can even hope to hold a candle to Saitama's vast power. However, these people tend to forget one crucial thing about Boros — he was actually able to bear the brunt of Saitama's destructive punch.

In fact, his power was actually so commendable that he forced Saitama to actually get serious for a second and land a Super Serious Punch — something that we'd never seen the series up to that point.

4)Father-Full Metal Alchemist:-
Power is a rather subjective thing that might differ across the course of different fictional worlds. However, there are very few powers that can rival that of a god's — something that Father from Fullmetal Alchemist managed to achieve.

Due to the sacrifices he makes near the end of the series, Father transcends and ends up defying the natural order itself. The steadfast laws of alchemy simply don't apply to him anymore, allowing him to do anything he wished without the fear of any repercussions.

3)Misogi Kumagawa-Medaka Box Abnormal:-
Most people might not even have heard the name of this person, but trust us when we tell you that Misogi is someone who should always be in the discussion when one talks about powerful anime antagonists. His psychotic nature is certainly a qualifier for his villainous nature, but that's not the main topic of discussion right now.

Discussing his powers is enough to make you realize why he deserves this spot on the list. Basically, Kumagawa's Minus is the power of All Fiction, which allows him to negate aspects of reality as he sees fit. This ability is so powerful that Misogi himself has admitted that he needs to control it properly to prevent any long-term ramifications.

Yet another non-human villain with an amazing design, Mereum could certainly give Frieza a run for his money. So far, he’s been the strongest character in the series with an extremely high learning ability, despite his age.

He’s pretty much a broken character when it comes to his powers.

He has unlimited strength, speed, agility and has a crazy pain tolerance to the point of feeling nothing -- he literally pulled off his own arm with no reaction. That, paired with being a super genius, makes him one of the most dangerous villains in anime, period.

1)Beerus-Dragon Ball Super:-
here was no other being that could've topped this list. While one might argue that Beerus isn't really a villain at all, the fact of the matter is that his initial visit ended up rather poorly, leading to a possibility where he might've actually destroyed Earth and its inhabitants.

However, over time, we've also witnessed a softer side to Lord Beerus as well.

With the end of Dragon Ball Super as we know it, for now, it seems that a serious clash between Goku and Beerus will have to wait for later.

Mighty Villians
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