The Son of the Sun

Dec 26, 2018

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It is simple,but kind fairy-tale
This is my first fairy-tale donated to my newborn son.
The son of the Sun
Once there lived a forest, which was forgotten by everyone. The forest was dense,dark and mystic. She was so deep,that the bushes and grass couldn’t get sunlight. They didn’t know what the sun,light and heat were. The flowers didn’t live there and the forest wasn’t able to decorate her breast with these beautiful and colorful creatures. The animals fled, they left their mistress alone. Instead the forest was full of wild and awful animals, who destroyed every beautiful thing, they hurt the forest and ate up whatever they met. In short, the forest was getting older and older, she lost her admiration, became silent, sad and dreaming.
“Where did I lose my dreams, my colorful flowers and butterflies, the trees decorated like bride? Why did they leave me? Why did they leave me alone?”
The only friend of the forest was an old hut, also left, damaged and mystic. He used to listen to his friend, remember the lovely old times. He was shaking his roof, but wasn’t saying a word. Maybe he didn’t want to make his friend suffer, who was getting older and losing her strength.
The forest and her friend lived side by side for many years.
One day the forest got up earlier than usual. Something unusual was disturbing her to sleep. I don’t know what it was, it was a strange feeling, a little hope of happiness.
The forest wanted to share her happiness with the hut. She looked here and there, but she couldn’t find the hut. She got frightened and thought imminently that the hut had also left her. She closed her eyes not to see the absence of the hut.
She opened her one eye slowly, then another one and saw the hut was shining in the lights. He was so happy that he was opening and closing the door joyfully. The light in the hut was so strong that the forest couldn’t look at him. The light was spreed all around. The forest approached to the hut slowly. The nearer she came the more she was frightened. She bend her head onto the windows and keeping her breath opened her eyes.
“Who is he? Why is he shining like the sun?”
Inside the house there was lying a boy in the bed. He was curly fire-haired boy, a shiny baby. The hut was keeping the baby in his arms, he was
rocking and singing a lullaby. At the same time he was afraid of rocking under the lullaby not to wake the baby up with his wild and awful crunching.
The forest whispered: “Who is he?”
The hut replied:”I don’t know, it is said he is a son of the sun, maybe he has lost his way home”
“The son of the sun? What is he doing here? I think you are confusing something. Make sure it is true, ask from the fir-trees, they could have known, as they are close to the sun.
The hut didn’t even have time to make sure. The door was opened and the son of the sun went out of the hut, he spreed his arms and started to smile. The baby started to run here and there, to roll on the grass. Wherever he was jumping the flowers are seedling from the ground, nice and colorful flowers. It seemed it was a fairy-tale, it couldn’t be real. The forest was rocking in her place and smiling softly. Then she took the baby on her hands, pressed his warm little body to her heart. The boy was laughing happily. It seemed he was an innocent angel, who knew nothing from this cruel world, who was just smiling and shining brightly.
The animals and birds, even the butterflies and bugs who left the forest heard about the sun’s son. The wild and wicked animals couldn’t go out of their dark dens any more, they couldn’t hurt the forest and rob her happiness. The forest was getting more and more beautiful, she has been decorated with her favorite lilies. The air was filled with the aroma of roses.
The forest loved her little son more than herself. She decided to give her angel every best thing of the world.
She decided to straggle with the strongest sun and say, that his only son was in her hands. She was ready to give even her life for this ray, she would straggle against the powerful sun.
The sun listened to the forest attentively. She came to meet the sun decorated like a bride. The sun saw her deep feelings, felt her strength and smiled softly.
He said, “There are always two sun’s, one in the sky, another one on the earth, in the hut of your heart. Let my one ray live in that hut.”
The beautiful forest took the baby and went to live in honor of him, in honor of this warm sun.

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