Becoming a comic artist (part 3)

Dec 12, 2017


Gathering the basic ideas for my comic project was harder than I thought it would be, because I could not decide what I really wanted to do. Yes of course I had a basic direction but it stays just a direction. The route I want to take is still not very clear to me. So I started to use the idea-gathering-techniques I knew:
1. Brainstorming
For me brainstorming is the first stage of collecting ideas. This is the first time I saw my ideas on paper. But now I did not know what to do with them. First I tried with a second brainstorming but that did not help much. So I let the ideas rest for one day. One day later I decided I had to draw the ideas so I have a first visual reference of what I want to do.

2. Drawing
So I drew. Now I have a first catalogue of ideas, which I can use in the future. The image you see on top is one of many sketches I drew for different undefined characters. These sketches are just a way for me to build on my ideas until I have something that I can make a comic out of. Now it is just a big mess of different ideas which I still can not use in any way. I will have to explore these ideas further and somehow make a frame of a possible story.

These are my experiences so far on gathering ideas and how to process them. I hope this was a bit helpful for you and your projects. Next week I will share how I am trying to create the first draft of the plot of my comic project.
Hataraku Saibou: Cells at Work - Episode 2 - Anime Review

I had high hopes for this anime. I reall looked forward to seeing this show. However, after seeing the first two episodes, I am a bit disappointend. This is neither good or bad, it is just "meh". Nevertheless, i wrote a short review.
9 months ago
Becoming a comic artist (part 1)

Becoming a published comic artist is a dream a lot of people have. You can share your imagination and your craft with others and if you make a living out of it, then you would call it a perfect job. Spending your day creating new adventures in exotic worlds and record your thoughts on paper, you are your own boss with all benefits and problems that comes with it. The best part of it is you need only paper, pencil, an idea and a gargantuan amount of passion and persistence – So as any job, if you want to do them well. Are there any downsides of becoming a publishing comic artist, a creator of drawn stories? Probably there are some, but it is a dream I would like to achieve. I am @TComicMan and in this series I will share how I plan to become to be a published comic artist step by step, week by week.
1 year ago
The simplicity of landscape paintings

Landscapes are an important part of not only paintings but of all media in the arts. As an artist I think it is important to learn and to understand the fundamentals of a good landscape painting or photograph. Even if you paint portraits, there is a lot to learn from painting landscapes.
1 year ago
Cassiopeia 3

The Cassiopeia brigade hires a young pilot. She is ordered to pilot the Cassiopeia 3 on their diplomatic mission across the galaxies. On the missions, she is confronted with various conflicts and the tragic past of the Cassiopeia 3 and its crew.
1 year ago

Vimmbox is a project of mine which I'm very passionate about. I took thousands of hours to build the website. Now it's ready! It's time to share this project with the world.
1 year ago
Sara Abigail

This is one of the main characters of the web-series Cassiopeia3.
1 year ago
Becoming a comic artist (part 2)

I think before we start such a large project we should first define for ourselves what we want to do. Of course we can change our goals all the time but it is a good idea to have at least a reference, a description of what we want to achieve and how we want to make it happen. In this article I will try do things differently. It makes no sense for me just to tell you what I want to do. You would not gain anything from it. So I will list all the major question I went through to come to my conclusion and I will comment every one of them. I will look at every question from the perspective of a storyteller.
1 year ago
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2 months ago
Two Bison in Black and White

Painting is a passion of mine. This blog is the story behind the creation ot this particular painting called "Two Bison in Black and White" I made after my trip to the Yellowstone National Park.
1 year ago
The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time

The management of time
3 months ago
Photography is art

Love to be unique and different.
4 months ago
The secret of Naga sadhus
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2 months ago

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