Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 9 - Anime Review

Mar 12, 2018

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Wow! Wow! Wow! We finally get to see Meliodas very emotional. To be honest, I almost chocked up seeing the heart wrenching scenes with Liz. In my opinion, this was the best and most emotional episode of Nanatsu no Taizai yet. I am so pumped up to see the Seven Deadly Sins develop even more.


In this week’s episode Nanatsu no Taizai season 2 picks right off, where it left us last week. Meliodas is still facing his trial to get his powers back and Ban and Jericho are still looking for a guy, who can supposedly revive people. During his trial, Meliodas is send back to Denefor and he meets again with his former love Liz. At first, he is very wary of his situation. He takes care to remember, that he is in a trial and that what he experiences can not be real. Elizabeth, who accompanied the captain in to the tower, gets a trial of her own. She must heal a seed of a flower, which is infected with a disease. Furthermore, she has to make it bloom with no water or light. Back to Meliodas, his trial is absolutely cruel. He must relive all the good moments he had with Liz and then he must witness her death over and over, until he is able get over his emotions. This trial is designed to snuff out all of his emotions, so that he is able to control his powers once he gets them back. However, the captain struggles with his trial. He is not able to forget about Liz. Seeing her die gets him over the edge and he lets himself be taken over by his demonic side. But finally, Meliodas is able the face the fact, that he can’t change a thing and that he has to accept the reality. At the end he is able to master his trial.

Ban and Jericho are still running after the rumour, that a person is able to revive people. Ban wants to find this person to get his lover Elaine back. First, he meets with a chemist, who can’t help him much. However, he did hear about this rumour. He heard, that a couple of people came back from the dead in a nearby town called Ravens. In a bar in Ravens, Jericho feels uncomfortable. She thinks, that the other guests are staring at Ban. However, he explains, that the other are not staring at him but at her. In the evening, they are looking for a place to sleep. They find a room with only one bed. In the room, the travellers are getting ready to sleep. Ban decides to sleep on the floor, because he is more used to it. Jericho gets obviously gloomy about this.

Jericho ask Ban why he know this Raven so well. We learn that Ban lived here as a kid. As a child he was very poor, so he stole food from a merchant. This got him into prison, where he met Zhivago. The back story is cut short because they hear somebody being beaten outside. After hearing the culprits mentioning the rumour, Ban decides to intervein. The person being beaten is a warefox. This Beastmen knows something about the rumour.


- Meliodas must face his tragic past to get peace with the fact, that Liz died and that he can not do anything about it.
- The Seven Deadly Sins must improve to be able to defeat the Ten Commandments.


In my opinion, this episode of Nanatsu no Taizai was the best yet. I adored that we finally get to see Meliodas very emotional. I have to admit I almost chocked up during the heart wrenching scenes with Liz. I honestly never saw Meliodas struggle this much in the anime adaptation.

This episode humanized the captain in a way I haven’t seen before. The pacing was spot on and I really like how Jericho and Ban got also some valuable screen time. As an anime-only, I am really looking forward how both of them will develop in the future. Am I the only one who thinks they would make a cute couple? Never mind, I am really happy with the direction this series is taking and I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

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