Darling in the Franxx Episode 8 - Anime Review

Mar 03, 2018

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The tale of fanservice continues for our mech pilots. Sexuality and nudity are the main themes in this episode. After a wardrobe failure, the girls are trying to keep their distance from the boys. However, Zero Two, being best-girl, is doing everything she can to sabotage all the effort by the girls, which results in formidable and enjoyable situations. Man, I would do terrible things to be Hiro.


This episode starts right in to the action. Our main characters are fighting a strange Klaxosaur. This exemplar doesn’t seem to do any damage to the FranXX. However, it spills out some nasty blue goop at our heroes, which drips into the FranXX and dissolves the already tight outfit of the girls. The boys, which are behind the girls, of course can’t get their eyes of the spectacle. After the girls find out about this, they are obviously very pissed at the boys. During the debriefing our male characters are trying to calm the ladies, who get even more angry.

Hiro, like the hero he is, tries to get between the two hardened parties. He repeats what Zero Two said to him: “The parasites are better off being a little pervy!” This statement makes the situation even worse. The female characters are getting more and more angry. They decide to instate some consequences. They draw a line through the entire mansion they live in. One side is only for the girls and the other is just for the boys. Doctor FranXX seams to be quite relaxed about this situation, when he hears it from Nana and Hachi. I am speculating here, but I believe he wants it to happen. I am also quite certain, that he wanted the kids to awaken their romantic and sexual instinct at the beach. Back on course, doctor FranXX asks Nana and Hachi to ignore this development. Furthermore, he orders them not to tell any of the circumstances to the APE.

Back to our main characters, the boys are hitting back. They are now less strict with their dress code. They are walking half naked and only in panties in front of the girls. The ladies are obviously really angry about this. While cleaning the bath, the female characters are ranting about the boys. There is some back and forth between the gents and the girls. However, Zero Two doesn’t really care about the new rules. She just behaves as always and is in fact really enjoying the theatre she sees as a spectator. There is great moment with Kokkoro and Mitzuku in the greenhouse. They have a good conversation about the fight and Mitzuku finds out, that Kokkoro brought with her the book about babies. He appears to be very indifferent about this fact. Back in the dorm, Zero Two agrees to help the girls out. However, being Zero Two she sabotages all efforts by the ladies to keep their distance to the boys. This entire scene escalates in the baths. Zero Two rigs the signs so, that the gents and ladies end up naked in the bath. Furthermore, she steals all the clothes. Hiro chases after Zero Two and ends up on the roof of the building. The pink haired girl throws all the clothes at Hiro in a playful manner. This scene is amazing because it’s the first time we see Hiro and Zero Two really enjoy the moment and laugh together. To answer the question of Hiro, why she did this, she calmly responds: “I wanted to try taking part in a human fight. Hey, darling, do I seem a little more human now?”

After a discussion, the boys and girls are reconciling, and they get once again along. However, Miku finds a room of the former Squad 13, which was entirely annihilated in battle.


- Our main characters are all hitting puberty. Doctor FranXX most probably wants it to happen. He probably wants to see, if a more intimate relationship improves the act of piloting the FranXX.
- Acceptance of the romantic and sexual instincts.
- Our main characters are burdened by the knowledge, that they might die soon in battle.


This was quite a different kind of episode. It was lighter hearted than the previous. It was not my favourite episode so far, but I still found it very enjoyable. I find the character development of Zero Two very interesting. In last episode she was still very distant to the group. However, in this one she appeared very friendly to the girls. But of course, being Zero Two she had to sabotage all efforts by the ladies to keeping their distance to the boys. I am sure, that what happened in this episode will have some repercussions in the future. I am really looking forward to see the different relationships evolve in next episode.

Images: Screenshots from the anime
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