Violet Evergarden Episode 8 - Anime Review

Mar 01, 2018

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This was the first episode of Violet Evergarden to deliver the same level of spectacle and emotional intensity as the premiere. The final moments came almost out of nowhere, even if they have been foreshadowed for a while.
The parallels between Oscar and Violet are laid out in the episode&039;s first scene, when a character from one of Oscar&039;s plays kills someone and says, “I must live with my sin now for the rest of my life.” From the moment she&039;s assigned to scribe for him, it&039;s clear that Oscar&039;s writing resonates with Violet. She gets emotionally invested in his latest story about a young girl who can&039;t return home to her father and insists that Oscar must finish it when he seems ready to give up. When Violet says, “I feel like I&039;m going through the experience even though it never really happened,” Oscar tells her that she is experiencing empathy. Like the character in Oscar&039;s play, Violet must live with her sin for the rest of her life. It is interesting that, as Violet gradually learns to empathize with others, she begins to realize the severity of her past deeds. She has killed other people before. It now makes sense why Violet&039;s encounter with Gilbert&039;s brother took place so early in the anime&039;s story. His scorn toward her has triggered Violet to do some self-reflection, which was always necessary for her to truly learn to empathize. Toward the end of the episode, she comes to a realization: “I&039;ve probably taken away so many ‘one day’ wishes.” As her emotional development continues The most emotional scene of this episode was the incidental encounter with the Evergardens prompts them to let slip that Gilbert died on his last mission. Hodgins admits that he was hiding this fact from Violet from the beginning. Violet is understandably devastated.

- The overarching themes of Violet Evergarden: the idea that we can experience the feelings of others through words.
- It is not at all unusual for postwar stories to explore trauma and survivor&039;s guilt, but there&039;s something stark and compelling about the anime&039;s handling of these themes. Violet&039;s initial lack of guilt is the biggest sign of how thoroughly the war broke her as a person.

The main takeaway of this episode is the overwhelming weight of guilt on Violet&039;s shoulders. Violet Evergarden never needed such extravagant displays to pack an emotional punch. This was by far my favourite episode so far. I really enjoyed the depth, that this show is taking. Furthermore, the emotions are very well portrayed, not like some other drama shows, which get cheesy. This episode got me really hyped for the next.


Images: Screenshots from the anime
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