Darling in the Franxx Episode 7 - Anime Review

Feb 27, 2018

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Ii is the round number seven for Darling in the FranXX and it is time for the mighty (I believe it is even mandatory in japan). This is usually a huge turn down for any anime Fan who doesn’t really care for the fanservice everybody else is craving for. Will this episode be bad or are Studio Trigger and A1-Pictures able to pull it off?


After last week’s battle, Squad 13 was given a special vacation at the beach. For the kids it’s the first time seeing an ocean that’s okay to swim in. Ikuno had apparently the same perception of their world as I had: I didn’t know a place like this beach could survive on the surface. I am going off course here. Ichigo narrates, that after they where assigned to the FranXX program, the children are living their lives under extreme anxiety and stress. So, the beach is a good opportunity to think about something other than fighting the Klaxosaurs. All boys and girls are enjoying their stay and it is obvious that our best boy Goro has an eye for Ichigo in her bikini. We learn that Hiro has been officially promoted to parasite. After the amazing opening we see the APE during their (I guess weekly) discussion during which the end game of this series might have been named. Hiro will be tasked to bring Zero Two to the Grand Crevasse. Furthermore, Zero Two has been officially assigned to Plantation 13. We also learn that it was Doctor Franxx’s idea to the beach, where the kids might learn something about love and sex, more on that later. Back to the beach, we see the boys spying on the girls. Obviously, they have no idea about sexuality, so they make some weird remarks. For example, Zorome states: “For some reason, the girls look 50% cuter. It’s a mystery.”

We also see some romantic “pillow” talk between Hiro and Zero Two. Zero Two is the only one who has at least an idea what love and sexuality could mean. She says to hero in an explanatory manner: “A kiss is a declaration that the other person belongs to you. So, you should only kiss the person you love.” We see also a sweat bantering between Ichigo and Ikuno. I believe to see a hint, that Ikuno might be gay. She acts quite differently in front of Ichigo than in front of her partner Mitsuru. But it might also be because Mitsuru had no trouble dropping her for Zero Two. Mitsuru finds a small path who leads to a small abandoned village. There they find some indices about the past. The Kids find different posters of romantic movies and Kokoro even finds a book on having the first baby. I wonder if the act of loving someone changes their ability to pilot the FranXX. In the village, Zero Two confronts Ichigo. She boasts on having already kissed Hiro. In my opinion she is very petty. I don’t know, if she knows that Ichigo has a crush on Hiro, but it sure does seem like it. In the evening and after dinner, Ichigo and Hiro have a walk on the beach. This scene was so far my favourite scene in this entire series. In their dialog there are a lot of hints of what might happen in the future. Hiro for example, points at some shooting stars. This cut might indicate a bright light who shines the way for the others before vanishing in the void. I believe this could be a death flag for Hiro. He might get a “Kamina-Treatment” and die in the near future.


- Love and sexuality. The kids have no clue on these themes. However, Doctor Franxx might have send them to the beach, so that our protagonists find more about this subject. I am sure that this theme will follow us until the end of this series.
- Grand Crevasse. This term might represent the end game for our protagonist. Hiro and Zero Two will eventually go there and probably fight a immense number of Klaxosaurs. Maybe they will only be able to win if they use some kind of “power of love”.


I know this was a beach episode and I am not particularly fond of those. However, Studio Trigger and A1-Pictures pulled it off and I really enjoyed this episode. Was it the best episode so far? Probably not. But it surely had a lot of world building, character development and even some foreshadowing. I am hyped to see next week’s episode.

Images: Screenshots from the anime
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