How to withdraw money from a PayPal account in Zimbabwe.

Mar 31, 2019


This article explain how to receive money on PayPal account in Zimbabwe and other options to receive payments online.
For now it is not possible for a Zimbabwean PayPal account to receive money, but there is a way to withdraw money from your PayPal account. Visit When you apply for a Payonner master card payoneer creates your bank account in Bank of America or 1st Century Bank which means you will be able to withdraw your funds through your Us Bank Account.The Money transferred in your bank account will automatically be loaded in your Payoneer Master Card which then can be withdrawn through any of your nearest Atm's.Apply for Payoneer Master Card for FreeApply for a Payoneer Master Card :By following the above link you will land on a page where you can order your payoneer master card which will be delivered to your home for free.Just click on the Sign Up icon.Fill in the information required to get your free payoneer master card delivered at your home.Make sure that all the details you fill in match the details on your NIC (National Identity Card) like your first name, last name, date of birth etc.After you fill in the details your payoneer account will be created and you will recieve details about the arrival of your payoneer master card in your inbox.Payoneer usually delivers the debit card in 30 buisness days but I got mine delivered in 9 days :)Now assuming that the card has been delivered.You'll need to follow the given steps to activate it.Activate Your Payoneer Master Card :1.Go to payoneer and log in to your account.2.Click on Activate and then enter your Payoneer Master Card number (printed in front of the card) and enter a 4 digit pin for your card and activate it.Your card will be activated.Till now you have recieved your payoneer debit card and it's been activated the card is ready to recieve and withdraw payments.But wait there is one more thing to take care of.It's the bank account ! Yup, the account is created but it needs to be enabled.Basically payoneer calls it US PAYMENT SERVICE and you can activate it in no time.Just follow the below steps.Enable US Payment Service :1. log in to your payoneer account and in the dashboard click on the Receive money tab in the navigation bar and from the drop-down menu click on US Payment Profile.2.Now at the end of the page you will find a link to a Questionnaire and a link to submit your ID documents.These two are necessary to enable your US PAYMENT SERVICE.3.At first go to the questionnaire and then submit some details about why you need this service and submit the questionnaire.In most cases just provide a link to the source from where you are earning money online and tell them you need it to be transferred in your US Bank Account.3.Now time to upload your ID card's copy to payoneer. Just take a nice and clear shot of your ID card and upload it.You will recieve an email when your US Payment Service is enabled.The card is activated and your Bank account is ready to recieve funds from paypal once the Us Payment Service is Enabled.Now all you have to do is to link your US Bank Account with your Paypal Account and withdraw your money after that you will be holding your money in your hand in a few days.Here's how you'r supposed to link your bank account with your Paypal AccountLink U.S Bank Account with PayPal :1.log in to your paypal account.While on the dashboard hover on profile and from the drop-down menu click Add/Edit Bank Account.2.Now get log in to your Payoneer account and click on US Payment Profile under recieve money tab.There you will find each and everything you will need to link your account with your Paypal account.3.Just choose account type as checking and provide your routing and account number.And that's it you'r all done all you need to do now is to withdraw your money to your bank account which automatically will be transferred to your Payoneer master card which then can be withdrawn through any of your nearest Atm's that support your card.If you want to know your nearest ATM locations then Master Card's Global ATM Locator is the best place for you.You can Earn $25 as a RewardWait...did I told you about the reward system? Ok, so when you receive the card and activate it. Payoneer is going to reward you with $25 once you've loaded a minimum amount of $100 dollars in your account. Awesome, isn't it? Click here to apply for a Payoneer Master Card Now for Free.

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