May 09, 2019

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The Liberation of Shushi

The Liberation of Shushi: a military operation on May 8-9, 1992 as a result of which

Shushi was liberated. This almost flawless, unique military operation in the Armenian Military art was a radical turning point in Karabakh national liberation struggle. The liberation of Shushi was carried out in four directions with simultaneous attacks on May 7-8, at 11 pm after taking up Kirs military positions and Lachin-Shushi road by BM-21 GRAD multiple rocket launcher. Military operations were headed by Commander of NKR Defense Army Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan (Comandos). Major General G. Dalibaltyan, S. Sargsyan, R. Gzoghyan, Zori Balayan, as well as communication, medical care, artillery preparation, engineering service were in command. The works were coordinated by A. Papazyan, V. Marutyan, L. Martirosov, R. Aghajanyan, as well as representatives of NKR authorities, such as O. Yesayan, G. Petrosyan, A. Ghukasyan, R. Kocharyan and others. Primate of the Diocese of Artsakh Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan blessed the liberation plan of Shushi and wished success the members of the Defense Army.

Immediately after liberating Khojalu, the liberation plan of Shushi was developed by A. Ter-Tadevosyan. The plan was drawn up in March-April after verification of the location of the enemy, its position and numerical data by intelligence groups. The front line of attack was about 25 km and the enemy had advantage in terms of the quantity and weaponry. Operative situation was controlled and V. Sargsyan and S. Sargsyan were immediately notified about the changes. The plan was drawn up in secrecy by A. Ter-Tadevosyan, R. Gzoghyan, S. Sargsyan, L. Martirosov, R. Kocharyan and with the active participation of the commanders of the main directions (S. Babayan, A. Karapetyan, S. Ohanyan, V. Chitchyan and others).
On April 28 the main directions of attack, commanders, number of weapons and ammunition were already resolved and clarified. By the order of L. Martirosov the terrain model of Shushi was made on which the commanders defined their actions and current directions. Military actions were guided from observation point № located on the hill in

the North of Shosh and 4 other points. The attack was supposed to start on May 4, but for various reasons (lack of ammunition, bad weather, etc.) it was canceled. 4 offensive groups consisting of 1200 manpower and one reserve troop of Defense Army attacked at the same time on the night of May 8.

The Combat order of the Liberation of Shushi was signed on May 4 with the following details:

1. The enemy holds the surrounding positions on the hills of Shushi with 1200 manpower, nearly 100 in village of Zarslu, 300-350 in Lisagor, 300 in the direction of Kyosalar.

2. Our task is:

a. To defeat the enemy at Lisagor, Zarslu, Janhasan, Karagyav;

b. To defeat the enemy in surroundings of Shushi, to liberate Shushi and to free the city from the Greens (codename of the enemy)

c. then to advance in the direction of Berdadzor and free the Berdadzor subdistrict from the Greens;

d. The enemy has concentrated the main forces in Kyosalar, Lisagor, Zarslu, in surroundings of Shushi and circled the whole city.

The ways for defeating the enemy: to gain high point № and take position there. After regrouping of forces to advance to Lisagor and Zarslu and immediately to start the attack in four directions:

a. Direction of Shosh (eastern), commander – A. Karapetyan

b. Direction of “26”(northern), commander – V. Chitchyan

c. Lachin Direction (southern), commander – S. Babayan

d. Kyosalar direction (north-western), commander – Seyran Ohanyan,

Commander of reserve troops – Y. Hovhannisyan

To defeat the enemy from Stepanakert side on № hills, strengthen the position three Shushi districts, then to destroy the enemy and liberate Shushi.

4. Combat order

a) The 2nd and 3rd companies, the detachments of Berdadzor, Chanakhchi, Sghnakh, Karabulagh, Tumi, Karitak, those who fought in Afghanistan, dashnaks, Kirs, group of field engineers, signalers, field hospital and air defense system were in the Southern direction.

b) The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th reconnaissance companies, battaries BM-21 and D-30, special reconnaissance group “F”, detachments of Kornidzor, Hrazdan, Sevan, Stepanavan, the group “AB”, the 1st assault detachment, groups of sappers, signalers and doctors were in the northern direction.

c) The first company, detachments of Shosh, Dashushen, Krasny, Ararat, “Kamurj”, “A”, reconnaissance group, detachment of Dashnaks, pantaloons of V. Stepanyan, Ararat, Small Harut, mortar battalion, groups of sappers, signalers and doctors, command point, Air defense were in the eastern direction.

d) the detachments of Badara, “Kumayri”, Baluja, Dashbulagh, Mehtishen, Khnatsakh, Dahraz, “G” and “D”, diversionary reconnaissance group, material supply company, groups of sappers, signalers and doctors and Air defense were in Kyosalar direction.

5. I order

a) In the direction of Shosh to develop the attack from baseline, from the village Mkhitarishen with the aim to destroy the greens on the outskirts of the city and to remain there (the prison and the hospital).

b) In the direction of "26" to capture the hills № and strengthen on the borderline intersection, and then to seize the suburb of Shushi by the introduction of reserve troops.

c) To develop the attack on Zarslu and Lisagor in the direction of Lachin at the same time hit the outpost and capture the South-Western suburb of Shushi.

d) to develop the attack in direction of Kyosalar, in two directions, first to distract the enemy in the case of successful attack and to capture Kargyav and Janhasan.

e) To involve the reserve forces in all directions only after solving the basic problem or in the case of deterioration of the situation.

6. Combat vehicles are only operating in the main firing positions, if necessary, they could change the firing positions, mainly after artillery preparation and in the depths of enemy bases in case of necessity.

7. To create fire shelters on roads: Ghaybalu-Bashkent, Kyosalar-Janhasan, Janhasan-Karagyav, Shushi-Lachin.

The tasks of artillery and other units, as well as the cost of ammunition follow afterwards.

The order was ratified by Commander, Colonel A. Ter-Tadevosyan and deputy commander R. Gzoghyan. Military operations were carried out in the four directions

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