Darling in the Franxx Episode 5 - Anime Review

Feb 11, 2018

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This episode has a lot of characterisation and interaction between the main characters. We finally see the darker side of our bets girl Zero Tow and it’s apparent, that she is not a good girl.
This week’s episode begins with the “Kissing” operation of plantation 13 and 26. Because of how the kids talk about “kissing” it’s obvious, that they have no idea about the real meaning of this word. Getting in to this point, I believe the children have no clue what love or a sexual relationship means. This explains why they don’t react in a special way, when they get in to the FranXX in their rather sexual position. They just don’t get the idea of having a sexual relationship with their partner. I’m getting off track here, back to the synopsis. The “Kissing” operation is to exchange magma from one plantation to the other. As magma attracts Klaxosaurus the children are aware, that this operation will attract a huge number of these monsters. Hiro, however, reassures them by telling his team members that he is again part of the team. In preparation of the exchange with the plantation 26, the children attend a ceremony, where they are celebrated as protectors of the plantations.
The ride with Zero Two left marks on Hiro. Goro notices, that Hiro has some high fever and asks his friend, if he is all right. Hiro answers directly, that he feels perfectly fine. Goro still doesn’t believe him and asks if he isn’t lying to him. The kids are having again one of their meetings and they discuss about the ceremony and how Hiro and Zero Two helped them fight the Klaxosaurus in the last episode. Zorome reenacts the ceremony and Ichigo comments that Hiro will lead them to victory. The kids think that the rumor of only be able to ride three times with Zero Two before one dies is not true. But we as the audience and Hiro know that that’s not the case. However in this moment everything seems to be going well for the group. Even Zorome appears to accept Hiro. Only Mitsuru is still very jealous. In the dining room Zero Two messes up the sitting order. We see some tension between the Ichigo and Zero Two building up. After the breakfast, Hiro shows Zero Two around the compound. We learn that Zero Two will stay with the group for a while.
This fact seems to have a bad effect on the group. Mitsuru starts taking pills, either as painkillers or as anti-depressant. Ichigo tries to make Zero Two feel at home, however, the pink haired Girl comments that Hiro belongs to her. Both of them start to have a fierce conversation but the issue of Hiro stays unresolved. The condition of Hiro gets worse and he has more and more pain. As part of the “Kissing” operation we meet the FranXX-pilot of plantation 26. It appears that the others know a lot more on how the world works. We learn, that our group is for the others very unusual. We will see in the next episode what it really means. Goro finds out about the condition of Hiro and he confronts him. They have a heart to heart conversation on what Hiro is going to do. Hiro decides, that he will continue to pilot Strelezia, even though it might kill him. During the briefing on the upcoming fight, we learn that the other team can’t fight along Strelezia and Zero Two. They must have had a horrific incident in the past caused by the recklessness of the pink haired girl.
During the night, Ichigo finally confronts Zero Two. The girl with the horns comments, that Ichigo is very bossy and wants to go. But Ichigo wants to hold her back. We can see that Zero Two is physically way stronger than Ichigo. That’s because of her Klaxosaurus blood, I suppose. Ichigo implores Zero Two not to hurt Hiro. However, Zero Two just responds, that Hiro wants to ride with her and if he dies that just means, that he wasn’t cut for greatness. During this confrontation we see for the first time the cruel side of Zero Two.

In this episode it’s clear, that Zero Two not only takes a toll on Hiro but also on all the others. Zero Two is the girl who is a really bad influence on a boy, we all know such a situation in real life. We can also note, that the girl with the horns is very possessive. She says repeatedly, that Hiro belongs to her and her alone. Due to the reaction of the other team when they hear that Strelezia and Zero Two will take part in the battle, we can assume that Zero Two acted recklessly and caused a lot of carnage in the past. We haven’t see Zero Two fighting with no regards to her team mates yet, but that’s probably because we have never see her fight in a team except in the last episode of course.
Another theme I want to go into is the lack of knowledge about love and feelings by the children. During the discussions and interactions, it’s obvious, that the kids have no idea what love means and how they are supposed to deal with their emotions.
The other team indicate that the pilot of the FranXX don’t usually live to get into adulthood. This actually is a very interesting point. There is two ways on how I can interpret this:
- Frist, the act of piloting the FranXX will kill the pilot after a short period of time.
- Second, the kids will most probably be killed in the fight against the Klaxosaurus.
I honestly think it might be the latter.

This episode was again marvellous. There wasn’t any action but a lot of character interaction. The drama in this episode is almost unbearable. I am really eager to see how the relationship between Goro and Ichigo and Ichigo and Zero Two will develop in the future. I just love to see when studios, like Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures put this much effort in such a series. This anime series keeps me at the edge of my seat and I can’t wait till next week.
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